Products Newly Launched
A new type of pastry machine, with the Hagesana Cream-King you save cream - per each cream cake up to 300gr. Serially built-in cooling guarantees premium quality even at high temperatures. Average working time is no more then 5-7 minutes.     S/Steel powerful vacuum pump 10 cbm w/ vacuum buttons and electronic control board. Including plexiglas lid which is important for packing soups and sauces. Weight: 22kg, Dim:33x33x25cm.  

Rosseto Mod.Pod is a new way to display which provides unlimited options for designing your perfect display.     Genuine Jaffrey Cider and Wine Press is so much fun from start to finish. Everyone at your house will want a turn at this powerful, easy-to-use machine.

It is easy to operate the rugged Stainless-Steel toothed grinder and takes just minutes to reduce a bushel of apples to juice-filled pulp.

Excellent for pressing apples, grapes, pears, pitted plums, apricots and cherries to make sparkling ciderr, juices and wines.


Rosseto - The famous line of Tea Pots are now available in all colors and sizes ( 0.3, 0.48, 0.55 Liters) Stainless Steel Strainer 
Color: Various 
Capacity: Various 
6 units per case

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Here it is the new identity to a value display cabinet. ESPRIT line by Criocabin is available as a Pastry/Chocolate and even Sandwhich display case for any foodservice operation.

Multiplexable you can have this unit look like 1 item by opening the end walls. Further Features include:

  • Condensate Collection Tank
  • Three refrigerated interior shelves
  • Ventilated Defrosting with compressor block

Serie P P110G is a gas oven with a 110cm aperature, with 1, 2 or more decks stackable on prover or support with standard castors. The baking chamber is very wide and is in aluminized steel, with a sandwich refractory brick baking surface, while heat insulation is guaranteed by high density material. Heat is generated by an injection-fuelled, micro perforated stainless steel burner with electronic safety control. P110G is also available in the special vintage color. On demand and without surcharge, the oven can be supplied with the front side completely in stainless steel.     The CF 750 Commercial Fountain is ideal for any chocolate dipping or chocolate display location. It is the smallest commercial chocolate fountain on the market, to work with a minimum of 1.5kg chocolate. 
High polish stainless steel look for a premium image, this chocolate fountain is great for dipping any types of lush fruit/fun food and chips!

Fully enclosed and automatic fryer, the Autofry MTI-5 is the perfect solution for a vent less fryer system. Wherever the outlet may be, now you do not need a hood system for the Autofry! MTI further provides a proprietary simplify technology which offers multiple programmable pre-sets, standby mode and heat/time compensation intelligence.      On Evo, you can cook virtually any meal from any angle, all to the delight of your on looking guests. With infinitely variable cooking temperatures from 225°F to 700°F, Evo is the perfect cooking appliance to prepare the most demanding to the most delicate foods. Made in America from hand crafted stainless steel components that are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, Evo is a product you’ll be proud to own , and proud to share with your family and friends. If you want to create a party to remember, do it on an Evo Flattop Grill.   

Fully automatic coffee specialty machine made for Espresso, Café Crème, Cappuccino, white coffee, Latte Macchiato and chocolate specialties. With special equipment you can even use topping powder (milk powder). 
Every unit is equipped with touch-screen display, automatic cleaning program, beverage registration, hot water outlet. Optionally with 4.5 liter water tank or fixed water connection (alternatively with or without dripping water drain).
    Even more quality, even more design, even more options, steam power, milk power, integrated choc and the plug & clean novelty!
Fully automatic coffee machine built for heavy duty high output locations.
Includes all programming software for over 12 types of coffee and hot chocolate mixes.
Option includes water tank and mobile serving cabinet or fixed water connection with water filtration tanks.

Retro is back! So is the new Encore Misa Retro Buffet fit for any buffet or display location. Made of retro pine wood exterior and fully stainless steel interior and Zamak 5 chrome plated hinges this item is a perfect for a hip and new, or classic location. Doors are optional to come with double glass as well.     With the Pacojet, preparing a wide variety of natural frozen desserts has never been this easy for an end product that good. 

Machines are ideal for sorbet’s, mixing toppings and mousse. 
Allows easy mix to be deep frosted without thaw. 
Uses fresh and natural ingredients. 
Freezing locks in freshness and aroma. 
Reduces Labor. 
State of the art beverage systems for espresso, coffee-latte, cappuccino, latte macchiato, tea and much more. Fully automatic and reliable for usage in: Snack bar, Fitness club, Health Spa, Office, Bakery, Hairdresser, Petrol Station, Showroom, Hotel bar, Restaurant, Household and many more applications.

      Known for its heavy duty home and commercial stand mixers, now there are the PRO Line series coffee mills in a variety of colors. Coming with a compact design, die cast metal construction this product stands ready to for sale in Lebanon.  

Unlimited combinations the all new WMF 2000S is the machine that suits both automatic operators and baristas. Thanks to the "Dual Milk" option to manually froth milk through the steam nozzle on the side of the machine or have it dispensed automatically. Basic options at plug and clean 2nd grinder, LED illuminator, 5.5kw power supply all available.